Review: Charles Pasi

21 Jul
Better with Butter

Charles Pasi is a French singer and harmonicist who played on Carla Bruni’s last album, Comme Si De Rien N’Etait – a CD that had so many beautiful layers of sound that merged to create a gorgeous blend of music. Now he’s writing, singing and performing his own upbeat, funky jazz tunes. Like a french Paolo Nutini, his music is catchy, intelligent and a shiny-gem in France’s music scene.

His voice has hints of Bob Dylan and Rod Stewart, it harmonizes well with the harmonica, sax and guitar that string throughout his small but strong discography. People of older generations say that great music isn’t made anymore; this isn’t true. They’re just not looking hard enough. Pasi is one of today’s great, unrecognized talents who will probably do well on mainland Europe but will struggle to have his voice heard among the Rihanna’s and Beyonce’s of the USA and UK markets.

His latest single, Better With Butter is an addictive song that just makes you want to get up and shout YEAH along with the chorus. Young and old can both enjoy this song, and he has already garnered a solid fan base that will surely grow and grow. Watch this space, whatever he does next could be astonishing.

This is the great and fun video for his amazing single, Better With Butter. Check it out.

Point Blank / A Bout Portant

4 Jul

A must see

A trainee nurse and his pregnant wife are thrown into a world of organized crime and corruption after he saves the life of a safe-hacking crook. When his wife is kidnapped he must work alongside the man who has dragged him into the grimy underworld of crime in Paris, and avert the corrupt police force.

This thriller enthrals and captivates the audience; convincing performances from the cast, especially leading man Gilles Lellouche, engross our belief in the story, and the twists and turns that the plot takes – although somewhat predictable – keep us on the edge of our seats throughout the film.

It adds little more to the genre where everything has been done; it is unlikely to take off as The Bourne Identity, Taken and others have done (helped by the universal appeal and mass market of the English language) but the film is brilliant and indicates bigger things to come from a fantastic director.

A must see for any thriller fans.

How to be like Sue Sylvester

28 Jun

Anyone who has ever read this blog before will understand the admiration and respect I have for the Glee character Sue Sylvester. When I go about my daily business, interacting with work colleagues, friends and strangers – I often find myself asking, What Would Sue Do? So, if you find yourself in that eternal struggle to live up to the impeccable standards that Coach Sylvester exudes – here is how.

Never carry ID; people should know who you are

Driving licences and passports are for the pathetic masses. Only those who mean nothing and aren’t worth your time need to use I.D. to prove their age or identity; you are above this! As a member of the highest strata of society, superior to others; everyone should know exactly who you are.

Demand life-threatening effort and determination from all under your dominion

100% isn’t enough. Blood, sweat and tears are just the beginning. All those below must strive long and hard to achieve perfection. Standards must not slip! Whether it’s your cheerios or your office team, you have to let them know to give their all – even if it means climbing into a cannon and being shot across a football pitch.

Never bow down to those in authority!

Principal Figgins think he rules William McKinley High School but he is mistaken, we all know that Sue rules the roost. Regularly defying and ignoring Figgins and the school board, Sue shows that she is the one who knows best and nobody will stop her on her quest for world domination and the ultimate destruction of the New Directions. Laugh in the face of authority, and it should cry back at you!

Only wear the best in colour coordinated sports gear

With a spot on local news, and an international YouTube sensation with a hit video for Physical, you have to be looking your best. It doesn’t matter where you are; at school; coaching the cheerios; even disparaging those ‘Sneaky Gays’ – the best attire is definitely a tracksuit. Anything else only shows weakness.

Have a softer side

Even the best of us have to posses a softer side; a tiny corner of us must incorporate a little love and compassion. Sue shows this towards her Sister, Jean, who has Down’s syndrome – and is Sue’s best friend. All of us need a confident like Jean to guide us in life, and keep us in check – even Sue Sylvester.

Don’t pander to the liberal, PC-agenda

Don’t let the Politically Correct, inclusive and equality-driven left fool you – they’re trying to introduce communism! Have a tough stance against these dirty-reds and don’t let those lefties drag you down.

I’ll often yell at homeless people: ‘Hey, how is that homelessness working out for you? Give not being homeless a try, huh?

Never be afraid to show your disgust and anger

Sometimes words are not good enough to describe the sheer rage we feel, especially when it comes to Will Schuester. Sometimes violence is necessary, and you can’t let anyone or anything get in your way.

Ensure that others uphold the laws and regulations of the state

The world is full of menace and danger – like Sue, you need to make sure that state regulations are upheld. Will Schuester and Principal Figgins need kept in line, they are constantly inadvertently crossing the lines of decency; allowing sex to protrude into the lives of innocent teenagers through the New Directions‘ Sex Riots! Make sure that you stay up to date with local legislation, so you can quote it to beat your competitors.

Blatantly flout the laws and regulations of the state

Laws and regulations are for the useless in society; if you want to be a big-shot like Sue Sylvester then you need to be above and beyond the law; it’s for others, not you.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind; You’re hilarious

Got something niggling in the back of your mind? Of course you do. If you hate your neighbour’s shirt or despise the way your colleague has an annoying bad habit, don’t hide it or subtly try to mention it – say it aloud! Clear and in simple language, say what you think and make it as cruel and hilarious as possible – after all, you’re being cruel to be kind.

” I think you will be adding revenge to the list of things you’re not good at, including being married, running a high school glee club, and finding a hair style that doesn’t make you look like a lesbian. “


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